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Members’ Wealth is Building Something Different

Some say do not advertise on your website when you are hiring – it can show weakness regarding your organization. This seems ridiculous to us. At Members’ Wealth we are always looking to improve our talent density. This is a great place to work, and we want everyone to know that. Who does this serve? It serves our clients. The better our employees, the better the experience for our clients. If you have an interest in learning more, send your resume or refer someone that may be a great fit for the organization.

What is it like working here? In short, awesome. We are a team of experienced professionals with the energy and vibrancy of a startup, but most importantly with client service at our core.  We expect all employees to become owners and to be treated fairly. Read our Members’ Wealth Credo.

What are we hiring for? 

Interested in Joining Members’ Wealth?

The Founders started Members’ Wealth with a vision to reinvent wealth management where service comes before sales, clients are always first and where our financial professionals are all owners as we believe in being fiercely independent. Members’ Wealth offers individuals and families access to a comprehensive suite of services, including customized wealth management, investment advisory, tax and estate planning and other services.

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Why do advisors join? It is the structure!

“It’s very simple. It’s the structure of the firm. All of the client services. Having investment, tax and planning specialists in house to meet your client’s needs. And then the collaborative approach, working with your clients to help them achieve their financial objectives.” - Members' Wealth Advisor

We believe we have built an environment that advisors love; and when they get here, they realize they have been missing it. 

Advisors do not join an organization because of restrictive covenants, such as non-solicits, non-competes, non-accepts, etc, to name a few. So why would they stay because of them? At Members’ Wealth we have taken a much different approach: 

No restrictions on leaving but lots of reasons to stay.

1.    You have a say at the table. 
2.    You are treated with respect. 
3.    You become an owner.
4.    You are provided with the service professionals your clients require.
5.    Members’ Wealth works hard to service you.

Members' Wealth does not require advisors to sign non-solicits, non-accepts, non-competes.

When we introduce advisors to our service offering, emphasizing planning, custom portfolios, and financial professionals in house to work directly with their client on investments, tax, and estate – it is a real eye opener for them.

We recruit advisors that are great people with great values.  We then incentivize them correctly in a great atmosphere that is collaborative, and client focused.  We believe it is these ingredients that will lead to your continued success.

Why join as an advisor?

Given all the options you have out there, why would you consider Members’ Wealth to bring and grow your book of business?

You become a member and an owner of a fiercely independent organization. Therefore, you can look your client in the eyes and say their interests come first. You do not have to answer to public shareholders or private equity owners.

Customization is at our roots. It is a core belief. If you know your clients like we know our clients, then you know what is right for them.  We respect that.  You do not lose customization.

Humans all have our own specialties and passions. Advisors are no different. Do you love investments but want to also offer planning, then check out our experienced planners to serve your clients. Do you love planning but are not as enamored with investing, then check out our team of experienced investment professionals.  Do you want support all around so you can focus on service and marketing – we have you covered.

Your options as an advisor:

1.    Stay where you are – You would not be reading this page if you wanted to choose this one.
2.    Join Large Brokerage House – Right for some but not all and NOT FOR US!
3.    Join a public company or a private equity rollup – Really – How is that good for the client?
4.    Start you own RIA- You can, or you can be a part owner in Members’ Wealth and avoid the hassle
5.    Join Members’ Wealth

When you join our team as a Members’ Wealth advisor, you can rest assured that we put your and your client’s interest first. You are provided with the service professionals your clients require. Your ownership in the company will grow as your book of business grows. And while you focus on enriching your clients’ financial lives, Members’ Wealth can help support you grow.

At Members’ Wealth, you become an owner in a culture built on a collaborative approach to servicing your clients.  Our founders understand what it means to balance always being there for your client as an advisor and the importance of developing a consistent business strategy to grow as a business owner. 

We’re looking for candidates who have:

  • 5 or more years’ experience as a financial advisor
  • Business development and relationship management skills
  • Series 63 and 65
  • A proven wealth management practice

Job Description

Members’ Wealth is seeking Advisors.  The Advisor is responsible for client acquisition and retention of client/family relationships, COIs and strong knowledge of the industry’s products, solutions, and services.  The Advisor is responsible for a comprehensive client experience utilizing a full service suite offering with the goal to preserve and growth client wealth.
Key Responsibilities
Build and maintain long term relationships with clients, prospects, COIs and all resources available to build their business.

  • An entrepreneurial approach of building a business with the support of our financial professionals.
  • Ability to deliver a great client experience by effectively arranging internal and external resources to deliver a comprehensive wealth management solution including but not exclusive to investments, tax, trust and estate.
  • Drive business results by acquiring new assets from existing and new clients.
  • Strong wealth management acumen by understanding public and private markets, portfolio construction and management, goals-based planning, and estate, tax and philanthropic planning considerations.
  • Utilize technology and resources to meet business deliverables and deadlines.
  • Coordinate information that is presented to prospects and clients.

Bachelor’s Degree Required; CFP, CPA, JD, MBA and/or CFA preferred.

  • 5+ years of experience in wealth management in a relationship management/business development role
  • Trained in financial planning, asset allocation and investments.
  • Demonstrated track record of success and strong business acumen.
  • Developed community network and established presence.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and engaged listening.
  • Excellent time management skills including multi-tasking and prioritizing responsibilities.
  • Exceptional problem-solving capabilities in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Excels in a high-performance culture with accountability and high client centricity.
  • Series 65 license required; unlicensed candidates required to obtain the license within 90 days of employment.

What We Offer

Members’ Wealth offers a competitive compensation package, ownership opportunities, and a benefits package to all full-time employees.  Aligning employee and organizational interests, all employees are eligible to receive equity in Members’ Wealth.

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