Who We Are

Members’ Wealth is an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm partnering with Financial Advisors who are passionate about meeting their client’s investment, tax, legal and estate demands. We collaborate with our advisors to help them preserve and grow their practice so that it endures over time and continuously evolves to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape. We have brought together a team of experienced and client focused professionals that provide our advisors with the guidance, support, and efficiencies they need to achieve growth and success.

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The Advisor Platform

At Members’ Wealth, we recognize and appreciate that every advisor has a unique approach to building their business and servicing their clients. When you join our team, you can be confident that you are partnering with a platform that has not only invested in the industry’s best technology but has also invested in professionals with a depth of experience to support you so that you can spend your time devoted to your clients and growing your business.

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Your Business Must Evolve

When you join our team as a Members’ Wealth advisor, you can rest assured that we put you and your clients' interests first. You are provided with the service professionals your clients require. Your ownership in the company will grow as your book of business grows. And while you focus on enriching your clients’ financial lives, Members’ Wealth can help support your growth.

Our framework is designed to provide our advisors with the service and operational support they need so that they are free to nurture existing client relationships while at the same time, positioning them to have the room to create growth.  

  • Streamlined Billing & Custodian Support
  • Comprehensive Management of HR and Payroll
  • Strong Compliance Oversight
  • Integrated Technological Solutions

Our team of research analysts spend their time diligently exploring investment solutions and then designing our Proprietary Strategies, Customized Portfolios, Cash management strategies, Direct Indexing, Options Strategies and tax efficient management.

We provide our advisors with the behind-the-scenes support needed to provide their clients with a positive experience. Through our streamlined processes, intuitive technology and scalability, our team of operations and technology professionals ensure that the front end operates smoothly and seamlessly.

Tax and Estate planning are a critical part of every client’s financial picture. That is why our CPA and estate attorney review client documents and work with each client’s outside attorney’s and accountants to ensure that all of their financial professionals are working together in a coordinated manner to ensure that clients are positioned properly for success.

In our business, industry regulations can change rapidly. That is why having the proper compliance support and oversight are critical to success. We provide the necessary tools and resources to answer your questions and to ensure that you are keeping up with the ever evolving changes in the compliance landscape.

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Path to Success

"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together". An old proverb we take seriously at Members' Wealth and the journey we all take is for each other. We are here to help you grow.

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Experienced, diverse, and tight knit - our founding partners have realized the vision of wealth management firm built for advisors who are passionate about their clients' well being

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