Who We Are

Frustrated with many aspects of the current state of misalignment of interests and the degradation of service in the wealth management industry, we at Members’ Wealth were determined to build a firm that put service before all else.

Our Team Members

For nearly three decades, the Team Members of Members’ Wealth have worked in financial services firms within various roles, and across a variety of corporate structures (investor-owned, client-owned, employee-owned, and public companies).  

Our Strategic Advisors

We seek to further enhance our client’s experience through the use of Strategic Advisors. These external advisors work with the Members' Wealth team to deliver the best possible experience to our clients through their expertise. 

Strategic Tax & Planning Advisors

Marty Cohen, CPA

Marty has decades in the accounting and tax business and has recently sold his practice. As he completes his transition to the new owner, we knew it would be fantastic for our clients if Marty could join as a Strategic Advisor to help review our client’s tax returns, at no additional cost to the client. Most clients have their own accountants. But sometimes, an extra set of eyes from an experienced CPA who can review your return can prove to be beneficial.  Not only is Marty available to help those who would like to have their tax return reviewed, but he is also there to help your Members’ Wealth service team be proactive throughout the year to seek to improve your tax efficiency.  Most importantly, in line with Members’ Wealth efforts to promote conflict free advice, he will provide advice and consulting but not paid for services nor do tax returns for clients.

Martin Cohen – President and founder (2001) of Cohen & Company Consulting, P.C. Cohen & Company was a full-service accounting firm that was dedicated to providing their clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs. After growing the business for 22 years, Martin successfully sold the practice in 2022 and is working for the acquiring firm for two years to help transition clients.

Our Principles

At Members’ Wealth we believe everyone deserves a comprehensive financial plan that charts a course to individualized prosperity and a better life, not just the ultrawealthy. In achieving this, we strive to make our clients lives easier and bring them financial comfort so they can focus on what matters to them most. 

Two Clear Takeaways

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Our Model

Members’ Wealth was conceived with the goal of bringing the most sought-after and needed financial advice and services to family wealth management.

Members' Wealth focuses on service to client first and foremost.

Why Members' Wealth

Members' Wealth is the next evolution of private wealth management.

Two Clear Benefits

Our Organization

Reinvent the way you experience Wealth Management with an organization built for service. Gain financial preparedness with a comprehensive holistic strategy custom tailored to suit your needs.

We are not a Product, we are a Service

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Reinvent the way You Experience
Wealth Management

We coordinate the investment, tax, legal, and estate demands through our unique approach.
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Our financial advisors have decades of experience serving a variety of individual and corporate clients.
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